07 september 2006

Hugsað upphátt

Ef seinasta færsla virðist torskilin þá gæti það verið vegna þess að hún var að mestu leyti ég að hugsa upphátt. Lokaniðurstaða þeirrar pælingar kemur heldur ekkert það skýrt fram, en hún var sú að ég ætla að fresta einu fagi til næsta veturs. Vera bara í þremur fögum en reyna að vera í fullri vinnu áfram.

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Anonymous Nafnlaus sagði...

hehe,ég skildi þetta svona nokkurn veginn, en samt ekki alveg :p

7/9/06 9:36 e.h.  
Anonymous Nafnlaus sagði...

á ekkert að fara blogga meir?

28/9/06 8:40 f.h.  
Blogger Unknown sagði...

Dear siggi

First of all, i wouldnt know if this area of your Blog is the right place to leave a comment for you, becourse of my lack in understanding Islandic.

if not.... sorry...

I was sitting there... bored... checking the usual "google"... surfed sites, when i stepped into the universe at vampirefreaks.com.

( im nothing CLOSE to living the "goth" site in me out my self )... and are really not that interested in doing so... its not important to me.

As many other... i searched the database, checking the TOP RATED USERS... ( sad thing to do... i know... )

Ofcourse you look pretty solid with your own style... and becourse of that your profile looks COOL... ( especial for the co. members of vampirefreaks... and the - culture your outliving) but what really cought my "brain" was your profile txt.

EMAZING personal standard i must give you...


All in All...

My name is Christian kau
I live in Denmark, on a little island called Falster, with my wife and our two sons, Ketil and William, and our Cat, Ra.

Our town is SMALL... and there are VERY little room for being different here...

We dont drive the "right" car... and most folks here think that we should act differet becourse of the fact that we both turned 30. ( her = 30 ) me = 33 (soon ).

Your profile txt. says it all...

WHY THE F*** are people so freaking afraid of what looks apart from the norm ???

Here its like i cant get to buy a freaking loaf of bread if i dont hide my tatoos, or dont talk with the same "country" accent as they are used to down here....

it SUCKS BIG time...

Like you... we have chosen a life with few... but VERY GOOD and close friends...

Hmmm... it hits me... maybe you just HATE theese messages from folks you dont know... :)
( dont hope... after reading your discription of your self.... )


Anyways... if you would like to.... i would very much like to hear more about and from you.

Making friends is not the worth thing in the world... :)


I like :

Nordic history
Open minds
Common sense... + good behavior.

If you like....

write me an email at :


Kind regards
Christian Kau

8/10/06 10:39 e.h.  

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